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Feeding Exclusive Items
A common mistake made by owners is feeding  exclusively one food item. Cats can actually become addicted to one type of food and will refuse to eat anything else once hooked.
Food Types
Although foods such as meat, fish and liver are excellent sources of protein in a balanced diet, they may actually prove harmful to a cat should it be fed to them exclusively.

  Meat and liver have a very low calcium content
   and can cause cats to suffer skeletal
   deformities if provided in excess.

  Fish contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin
   B1, which may result in neurological problems.
   Cooking destroys this enzyme, but it is still
   unwise to feed fish-containing foods other than
   those from commercial pet manufacturers.

Commercial Food
High quality commercial diets are an excellent source of nutrition for your kitten or cat. Owners can choose from canned, dry or soft-moist forms. Owners will often vary their cat's diet by offering both canned and dry food. Be careful not to over-feed your cat as the calories do add up even if the volumes appear small. Make sure that fresh clean water is available at all times.
Homemade Food
Cat's who are fed "homemade diets" may be at risk for problems unless the diet is balanced and complete. Without experience and knowledge, it is difficult and time consuming to consistently cook a balanced diet for a cat on a daily basis. Most cat owners find it much more practical to purchase commercial diets that are proven to be balanced and complete.

A happy solution for many cat owners is to provide a nutritionally balanced commercial cat food as the cat's primary source of food, then occasionally supplement the cat's diet with kitchen scraps. The cat will be happy because she thinks she is getting a special treat, and you'll be happy because you'll feel that she is getting extra nutrients.


What to Keep An Eye Out For

Not only is water an essential element of your cat's diet, dehydration can be a sign of a larger medical problem.

Obesity can be very dangerous for cats.

Feeding Exclusive Items
Cats can become addicted to certain food types, which could threaten their health. Learn what to look for and how to prevent it.

Supplement Overdoses
If given in excess amount many supplements will actually harm, rather than help your cat.

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