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Dry Food
Dry foods are the most convenient type of commercial cat food. They can help prevent tartar buildup which may lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and are the most economical. 
You may need to sample different dry foods at home in order to be certain that it suits your feline's preferences.
Although you might want to explore free choice feeding, it can lead to weight and health problems. It is generally wiser to meal feed your cat twice a day.

How much food should I give my cat?
Put out only as much food as your cat will consume in 20 minutes, within the amount that is recommended by the pet-food manufacturer. You'll soon learn your cat's eating style.
Don't allow your cat to consume excessive calories,
obesity is a great health risk.

How long does dry food stay fresh?
Properly stored, unopened, dry cat food usually has a shelf life of about 12 months from date of manufacture. Once opened, it is a good idea to store your cat's dry food in a sealed container to retain freshness.
Heat and humidity degrade nutritional value, so attempt to buy fresh food.
In short, do not feed your cat anything that you feel is unsafe for its consumption and always use  your common sense.
Warning: If the bag is greasy on the outside, its fat has soaked through and the food has been left susceptible to contamination from rodents and insects. Choose a new bag.

What To Look For In Choosing A Dry Food
consistent size, shape, and density
  few crumbs (called "fines") in the bag
  no insects, rodent waste, or paper
  no mold
  the expiration date


Variations On A Theme
These are the most convenient type of commercial cat food, and are readily available.
Though they may be less desirable for some cats, semi-moist foods have a nutritional value on par with their dry and wet counterparts.
Often the most appealing to felines, canned or "wet" food are tasty and have a pleasurable texture to your cat.
In addition to providing food, hunting also helps maintain your cat's natural ability, yet it can upsetting to some.

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