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Catering Your Kitten's Cuisine
Cute tabby kittenKittens have very special feeding needs to consider. For their growth and health they need a diet of high energy food. Because kittens grow and develop at a fast rate, it is essential to provide them with adequate nutrients to ensure that this development occurs.
You can find out the nutritional value of your kitten's food by asking the pet food manufacturer, or by checking the label. By paying close attention to your kitten's nutrient intake, you have a better chance of raising a healthy and happy kitten. 

Kitten Dietary Needs


35 to 50% protein


17 to 35% fat

At Two Months


At Three Months


At Six Months


As with other cats, kittens should be monitored during feeding. If you have more than one, it may be necessary to feed them separately to ensure that they all get enough to eat.
Unlike adult cats, kittens can be fed on demand, since they will stop eating once they are full. This method allows your young kitten to eat as much as it needs in order to grow into a healthy adult cat.
Cow's milk is generally not an appropriate food for kittens! Your feline lacks the proper enzymes to digest dairy products. Access to fresh water is what your kitten needs.

Feeding Kittens

Getting your kitten onto solid foods is a gradual change and should follow certain guidelines according to your kitten's age.

When considering milk replacements for nursing kittens, remember that not all milks are created equal. Look here for help in choosing the right replacement formula.

Care of Orphaned Newborns
Most kittens can be fed with a bottle, although some kittens may need to be nursed with a hypodermic syringe or a simple eye dropper.

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