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Supplement Overdoses
In order to provide the best possible care for your feline, you should always use caution when giving nutritional supplements. Most good quality cat foods already contain the nutrients and vitamins that contribute to your cat's healthy diet. 
Generic Brands
On the other hand, "price" brands of food may be poorer in quality and nutritional value. Owners may be tempted to supplement the inexpensive diet to make it "better" for their cat.
It is generally safer and more cost effective to feed a balanced, high quality diet than to try and supplement a substandard, poor quality one.

What To Avoid
If given in excess amount, many supplements will actually harm, rather than help your cat.
Supplements that supply vitamins A and D should be monitored to ensure that your cat does not develop a health problem. Calcium and phosphorous mineral supplements should also be avoided.

Some owners believe that feeding a cat raw liver has health benefits. It is important to realize that liver contains large amounts of vitamin A which can actually reach toxic levels in cats fed liver in excess.

Remember, that if your cat is healthy and has a balanced diet, it should not require the use of supplements. If you feel that your cat has special nutritional needs, or should you have any questions about its diet consult your vet before altering your cat's nutritional intake.


What to Keep An Eye Out For

Not only is water an essential element of your cat's diet, dehydration can be a sign of a larger medical problem.

Obesity can be very dangerous for cats.

Feeding Exclusive Items
Cats can become addicted to certain food types, which could threaten their health. Learn what to look for and how to prevent it.

Supplement Overdoses
If given in excess amount many supplements will actually harm, rather than help your cat.

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