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The Hunt Is On For Dinner
As the domestic cousin of lions, tigers, and panthers, the hunting instinct runs deep in your cat. In addition to providing food, hunting also helps maintain your cat's natural ability.
Even though most domestic cats do not hunt to satisfy hunger, some of them may, at times, consume their prey. If your cat eats its prey frequently, you need to keep this in mind when planning its diet.
Interestingly, nutritional analysis of a mouse, shows it to be a very balanced meal for the average cat. Owners however, often find the behavior upsetting.
Also, eating prey is a potential source of parasites for your cat, as well as a potential source of poisoning if the prey has consumed a poisonous bait of some sort prior to its encounter with your cat.
Even with hunting, it is still important to provide your cat with regular meals. Hunting is not always successful.
Many cats will also bat or play with their prey rather than consume it. The well fed cat may be more likely to exhibit this behavior because their need for nutrition is less intense. You can choose to limit your cat's opportunities to hunt if you decide that the behavior is unacceptable.
Do not think that your cat is receiving a balanced diet simply because it captures and eats its own prey. Your pet still needs the essential nutrients that only balanced and regular meals from you can provide.


Variations On A Theme

These are the most convenient type of commercial cat food, and are readily available.

Though they may be less desirable for some cats, semi-moist foods have a nutritional value on par with their dry and wet counterparts.

Often the most appealing to felines, canned or "wet" food are tasty and have a pleasurable texture to your cat.

In addition to providing food, hunting also helps maintain your cat's natural ability, but it upsets some people.

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