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Semi-Moist Foods And Treats
Semi-moist foods contain about 25 to 40 percent water and are often chosen due to their convenience and palatability. 
Semi-moist foods have a similar nutritional value to their dry and wet counterparts.  
Most cat food companies also produce semi-moist treats that you can give your cat as a snack in-between-meals. Don't give them too many, this may cause them to become obese or addicted to their snacks, but they're fine as the occasional snack or training aid.
What to look for
As with dry foods, you can also perform some home quality control on semi-moist foods.

  Make certain that the package is tightly
   sealed and does not have any tears or
   grease marks.
  Never give your cat anything that you feel has
   been contaminated by insects or rodents.
  Pellets should be uniform and soft.
Once again, common sense should be the primary factor in choosing your cat's meal, whether it consist of semi-moist or other types of foods.


Variations On A Theme

These are the most convenient type of commercial cat food, and are readily available.

Though they may be less desirable for some cats, semi-moist foods have a nutritional value on par with their dry and wet counterparts.

Often the most appealing to felines, canned or "wet" food are tasty and have a pleasurable texture to your cat.

In addition to providing food, hunting also helps maintain your cat's natural ability, yet it can upsetting to some.

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