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Whetting Your Cat's Appetite
Cats have a variety of nutritional needs. A cat must eat meat in order to survive. Felines also need the essential amino acid taurine. Although natural prey such as rodents and birds do provide a cat with a certain level of nutrition, they are not practical foods for most pet cats.

Cat food manufacturers have done extensive research in the area of required nutrients for domestic cats in all stages of life. They also have discovered which foods cats enjoy best, as well as the ones with the most nutritional value.

Cat food comes in a variety of forms that include: dry food, semi-moist food, canned food and natural prey.
You may also discover that your cat has its own food preferences. It is fine to cater to these culinary demands as long as you remember to provide your cat with a balanced diet.

Boxes, bags, can, pouches . . . If your cat's a finicky eater, try mixing dry and moist food for optimal nutrition and affordability.

Even if your cat tends to favor one of these forms over the other, it is still best to vary their diet. This variation prevents food addictions that can lead to serious health problems if not monitored correctly.

Kittens and older cats also have special health and dietary needs that ought to be considered when planning their individual diets. Many pet food providers have specialized products that are very beneficial to kittens and older cats.

Should you have any questions regarding the type of food that is best for your feline, remember to ask your veterinarian.

homemade meals can be prepared for your cat, it is difficult to ensure that the nutrients are balanced to optimize your cat's healthy growth and life span.

Variations On A Theme

These are the most convenient type of commercial cat food, and are readily available.

Though they may be less desirable for some cats, semi-moist foods have a nutritional value on par with their dry and wet counterparts.

Often the most appealing to felines, canned or "wet" food are tasty and have a pleasurable texture to your cat.

In addition to providing food, hunting also helps maintain your cat's natural ability, yet it can upsetting to some.

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