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Welcome To Cats and Diets
A hungry cat meowing for breakfastYou can take an animal from the wild
, but deep within your cat lurks a predator's instinct, the hunter's desire resisting domestication. This proud heritage transforms your cat; it isn't just a mouth to feed, but an appetite to satisfy . . .
Unlike their canine counterparts, cats will not eat everything their owners give them. To ensure a happy and healthy cat, you need to understand both what your cat wants and what he needs from his diet. Just as we humans need to adjust our diets to guard against diseases like
Osteoporosis, our cats need the same attention.

Cats and Diets is here to provide you with information to help you make the right choices for you and your feline companion.

If you're looking to save time and money when purchasing your
pet supplies, visiting a reputable on-line retailer is a quick and convenient way of finding what you need to satisfy your cat's desires.

Feline Food Facts

Types of Food
Choosing the right food is part science and part trial and error.

Feeding Kittens
Not only do kittens require a specific nutritional profile, but the manner in which they are fed is also important.
Older Cats
Feeding an older cat requires a new degree of awareness. Special care must be taken regarding weight gain/loss with your older cat.
Nutrients & Supplements
There are a wide variety of supplements available to make sure your cat gets the nutrition it needs, but don't over do it, it could harm your cat.
Problems And Solutions
With the right amount of attention and persistence, most common problems are easily overcome. The best strategy however, is prevention.

Types of Food | Kittens | Older Cats | Nutrients | Problems And Solutions

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